Is it snowing out? Probably

It’s snowing!! Yes, Becky it is. And with snow comes hazardous road conditions. Motorists should take precautions when traveling. Before venturing out on the roadways, it is important to be prepared. One of snowcrusierthe most important things to know is the snow emergency levels,
Below is a list of the snow levels. You should monitor local news (TV and radio) and check local media websites such as
The Chillicothe Gazette
WKKJ radio
to keep up to date on the current levels.
Please do not call the police department to get current road conditions. In the event a road is closed (Carlisle Hill, University Dr.) the dispatcher could have that information, but local media outlets should be monitored. The current snow level dictates whether or not travel is safe, dispatchers will not
be able to make the determination if roads are safe to drive upon. During snow emergencies, it is important to keep the phone lines open for emergencies.
In the event of a snow emergency, Read more »

Crimestoppers offers rewards for recent shootings. Ups missing person reward


Southern Ohio Crimestoppers, in cooperation with the Chillicothe Police Department, is offering rewards in 2 recent shootings involving injury.  Crimestoppers has also increased the reward for information concerning missing person Charlotte Trego.

We appreciate any tips and information given to us by the public.

Shooting at 184 E. 7th St

Southern Ohio Crimestoppers is offering a $2,500 reward for  information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for a shooting that occurred on  1-25-15 .  At approx. 4:00AM, Frankie Simmons was shot in the back of the head while he was sitting at a table at 184 E. 7th St.

The suspect, who was one of the many people inside of the home, fled on foot.   Mr. Simmons is currently recovering from the gunshot wound.   Although there are a few suspects in this shooting, Police still need information to charge the correct person.

Shooting at 281 S. Hickory St.

Southern Ohio Crimestoppers is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for a shooting that occurred on 2-6-15.  At approx. 6:45PM, an unknown person shot several rounds into the residence of 281 S. Hickory St.  The person, shot from outside the house and into the upstairs bathroom, striking Shannon McMannis in the back.  Ms. McMannins is currently recovering from the gunshot wounds.

 Missing person: Charlotte Trego

Southern Ohio Crimestoppers has increased the reward from $1,000 to $2,500 in regards to missing person Charlotte Trego.  Ms. Trego was reported missing on 5-18-14 by her mother.tregosn






Anonymous tips  can be made through Southern Ohio Crime Stoppers by calling (740)773-TIPS or (800)222-TIPS, by texting keyword LOWDOWN to CRIMES (274637) or on their website at .   Tips in the shootings that lead to arrest and conviction could be eligible for a reward.

Calls can also be placed to the Chillicothe Police Dept. At 740-773-1191.


K-9 Care

We wish to thank the North Fork Animal Clinic for their continuing support in providing Veterinary Services to our police K9 Unit. They can also be found on Facebook


Department Award program

Ever wonder what the ribbons on our uniforms stood for?



The recognition of personal excellence is an important aspect of this department’s
activities. Presenting departmental awards for meritorious service provides that
recognition, thereby enhancing departmental morale, reinforcing the department’s
commitment to the maintenance of a high standard of performance by its
members, and motivating personnel to perform their duties at the highest possible
level. Therefore, it is the policy of this department to recognize and reward
meritorious service through an awards program to be administered under the
procedures set forth here in
. Read more »

2014 statistics

2014 end of year totals:
Calls for Service: 23,245
Traffic crashes: 1,375
Persons arrested: 5,406

Calls for service and traffic crash numbers were up. Arrests were almost even from last year. The department lost 4 Officers due to retirement/resignation during 2014. All Officers from 2013 had still not been replaced from a roster that is short by 12 patrolmen.
Arrest numbers are often influenced by number of officers on the street. The less hours on the street, the less proactive enforcement.

The increase in calls for service, in conjunction with a decreasing number of officers, results in less pro activity. Drug, cyber and financial crimes are on the upswing and consume considerable amounts of investigatory time.

The city continues to grow with the addition of commerce, and we look forward to new businesses in the near future. With this, brings visitors and criminals from surrounding counties that will require additional services.

annaul report2

Wanda Lemons is still classified as a Missing Person

Missing person Wanda Lemons

The mother of Ms. Lemons filed a report on this date stating she had not spoken to her daughter Wanda for over 2 months. Although common for Ms. Lemons to go without being heard from for periods of time, her mother states it is unlike her to not call or visit during the holidays.
The investigating officer contacted a friend of Ms. Lemons from information given by her mother. The friend advised he had last seen Ms. Lemons on 11-3-14. Days later, The friend heard she had gone to Texas with a truck driver named Demarcus or Darius Thomas, B/M unk. age. The officer is following up on other information and leads as they become available. Due to information we received and other facts in this matter, Ms. Lemons fit the criteria for  immediate entry into the LEADS/NCIC system. If she is contacted by Law Enforcement, they will be notified she is a missing person.

Wanda Lemons is a w/f, 5’07” 135 pounds brown hair and blue eyes. Anyone with information on her whereabouts can call Ofc. C. King with the Chillicothe, Oh police department at 740-773-1191.

Anonymous tips can be made through Southern Ohio Crime Stoppers by calling (740)773-TIPS or (800)222-TIPS, by texting keyword LOWDOWN to CRIMES (274637) or on their website at .  

ID sought in theft of Xbox ONE from Wal-Mart

On 1-13-15, the two persons in the attached pictures are suspected of stealing an Xbox One from the Chillicothe Wal-Mart.  The suspects drove from the store in the pictured white Chevy.    According to Loss Prevention, the same subjects are suspected in stealing 2 PS4s from the Jackson Wal-Mart as well.

Anyone with information on this case can contact Ofc. C. McGowan at 740-773-191 referring to report # 15-618.

Anonymous tips can be made through Southern Ohio Crime Stoppers by calling (740)773-TIPS or (800)222-TIPS, by texting keyword LOWDOWN to CRIMES (274637) or on their website at . Tips leading to an arrest could be eligible for a reward!


New officer sworn in

On 1-13-15 at 4pm, Judge Eddy of the Chillicothe Municipal Court swore in Ofc. Ben Rhoads.
Ofc. Rhoads, a recent graduate of the Southern Ohio Police Training Institute, will be under the guidance of a Field Training Officer until he completes the FTO program.  Ofc. Rhoads had been laid off while in training.  Due to personnel changes that left a position open, Ofc. Rhoads was brought back to full employment.



2014 Shop with A Cop

I was gently reminded that even though this was posted on the Facebook, I forgot to put it on the webpage…

CPD officers along with Ross Sheriff deputies and OSP Troopers participate in Shop with A Cop at Walm-Mart.
Funds for the program are raised through the Fraternal Order of Police golf outing, Children’s Services and donations from Rock for Tots. Wal-Mart matches the donations.

Cold weather can be dangerous for dogs (and your cats too)

We have posted about the dangers of heat on dogs, but what about cold weather? Here are some common sense tips to keep your dog, or other animals safe. For the entire web article, go

Outdoor Housing

Q: My dog lives outside most of the time. I’ve been told that dogs can stay warm easier than people. Is that true? Do I need to do anything special to make him comfortable in the winter?

A: Although dogs do maintain a normal body temperature that’s a couple of degrees higher than a human’s temperature, we still have to give them some help to stay warm in cold weather.

Start with a small, cozy, insulated dog house. Bigger is not better! The house needs to be small to trap and hold your dog’s body heat which will help keep him warm through the night. It should be just large enough for your dog to stand up, turn around and lie down in comfortably. The house can be homemade but new

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