First Capital Lodge FOP #59 is on Facebook

The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #59 is now on Facebook. The Lodge serves the Chillicothe Police and Ross Sheriff. The local FOP gives back to the community in the forms of scholarships and donations to local charities, events and individuals. The FOP conduct fundraisers to buy drug abuse books for children throughout the year.

Tips for reporting crimes

from the desk of Ofc. Bud Lytle
The Chillicothe Police Department would like to use this opportunity to educate citizens on the information we need when they are reporting suspicious or criminal activity.

1. Always speak clear and concise so the dispatcher can understand the information you are try to provide

2. Give as detailed a description of the suspect and the activity as possible:
a. These should include height, weight, hair color, clothing type and color
b. Be as clear as possible about what the suspect is doing

3. Give any applicable vehicle descriptions:
a. Color of the vehicle, if possible
b. Type of the vehicle (make and model)
c. LICENSE PLATE NUMBER, if possible

4. Attempt to give a precise location where you last observed the suspect and what direction they were traveling when you last saw them.

5. Call as promptly as possible. A longer delay in calling provides the suspected party the opportunity to depart the area prior to us contacting them.

Attached is a form to assist citizens when calling in a suspect. This form asks for the detailed
information we need when attempting to locate a suspect.

We would like to thank those citizens who have been willing to get involved and call us when
they observe suspicious activity in their neighborhoods. Because of these calls we have recently been
able to contact and apprehend numerous theft offenders. Without the citizens making prompt calls and providing clear and concise information, these apprehensions would have been much more difficult

Click the link below to view an example “suspect description” sheet. You can print it out or use it as an example as to what we would look for in a description of suspects.

suspect Description

Fire Safety Week
It is important for homes to have
working smoke and Towerheat detectors, as well as Carbon Monoxide detectors. Make sure children as well as adult, elderly and handicap residents know how to exit the home in case of an emergency. Have a fire escape plan in place.
Chillicothe FD web page
Fire Safety
And for the Kids
U.S. Fire Administration For Kids

Some material was copied from the NFPA website.
“Reproduced from NFPA’s Fire Prevention Week Web site, ©2010 NFPA.”

Spot Crime Website

The Chillicothe Police Department would like to announce our participation in the Spot
Crime internet web site. This is a free service to the Chillicothe Police Department and the citizens of Chillicothe. The purpose of this web site is to provide mapping and crime information to the community and the police department. Citizens can also sign up for free email alerts about criminal activity in their area of the community. The web address is or You can access these web sites or contact Officer Bud Lytle at (740) 773-1191 or communitycop@horizonview.netfor more information. Some information has been provided to all neighborhood watch groups so the coordinators of these groups may be able to assist you with more information also.

The Chillicothe Police Department is dedicated to the utilization of programs such as Spot Crime and Southern Ohio Crime Stoppers to assist in gathering and disseminating as much information as possible. We feel that our citizens are a great resource in providing information to the police department to assist us in our investigations. We thank those citizens who have been willing to assist and we encourage all citizens to use these resources and be willing to get involved to make a difference in our community.

Family Fun Day

Chillicothe Safety Services sponsored a Family Fun Fest in Yoctangee Park. Police and fire vehicles were on display, free food and a band. The Ohio National Guard was also on hand as well as motorcycle stunts provided by JNOD.
Thanks to all the sponsors and the public who attended.

Recent robberies

The Chillicothe Police Department has a person of interest in custody that may be related to the Westbanco robbery on 9-22-10, McDonald’s robbery on 9-27-10, Goodwill robbery on 9-28-10, and the Dollar Store robbery on 9-29-10. This person of interest is incarcerated on unrelated charges at this time. Two (2) search warrants, at two (2) separate locations, have been conducted and possible evidence of these crimes has been collected. Evidence collected is being forwarded to the crime lab at BCI&I and charges are pending.

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