Investigation leads to heroin arrest

Chillicothe Police Department Arrests Subject for Heroin
Possession and Tampering with Evidence

​After conducting an investigation of Shane Hayes possibly Read more »

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Search warrant served at 796 Adams Ave

Search Warrant Served at 796 Adams Avenue

​The Chillicothe Police Department Emergency Response Team and Detectives executed a drug search warrant at 796 Adams Avenue on March 23, 2011 at approximately 9:30AM. Located inside of the residence were cash, marijuana, cocaine, and handguns, all of which was seized. One of the residents, Willie Anderson, was arrested.


Willie Anderson, 32 years of age, 796 Adams Avenue
CHARGES: Trafficking in cocaine/Weapons under disability


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Search Warrant served

The Chillicothe Police Department has been receiving complaints of suspicious activity at 160 Vine St. CPD Detectives acting on information obtained from tips from citizens was able to purchase drugs from that residence. A search warrant was obtained and executed by the Chillicothe Police Department Emergency Response Team. The resident, Steven Nesser, and numerous other subjects were detained as well as two young children. Drug paraphernalia, pills, and white powder was located inside the residence. Steven Nesser was arrested and charged with drug paraphernalia. Contraband seized will be sent to BCI&I for analysis and additional charges may be pending.

Steven Nesser Jr., Dob/9-24-75 M/W, charged with possession of drug paraphernalia


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Search warrant served at 401 Allen. Ave.

Search Warrant Executed at 401 Allen Ave.
The Chillicothe Police Department Emergency Response Team (ERT) executed a search warrant at 401 Allen Ave at approximately 6:30PM on Sunday, March 13, 2011. During the search the ERT team and detectives located 200 Oxycodone (Percocet) pills and 15 Ectasy. Upon the ERT team entering the residence, the resident, Tetrin Betts, attempted to run from ERT members and was apprehended quickly. Mr. Betts was arrested along with another subject at the residence, Derek Vargas.
Derek Vargas
Address: 313 Avonwick Place Gahanna, OH
CHARGES: Aggravated Possession of Drugs

Tetrin Betts
Address: 401 Allen Ave.
CHARGES: Aggravated Possession of Drugs, Obstructing Official Business

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Police execute search warrants

The Chillicothe Police Department Emergency Response Team executed two (2) drug search warrants on the evening of March 2, 2011.

The first search warrant was executed at 237 Fairway Ave. Apt. #2 at 3:57PM. Officers found numerous items of drug paraphernalia and cash inside of the residence. Arrested was the resident, James Williams, on charges of drug paraphernalia. Also arrested inside of the residence were Melissa Horn and Victor Blake on unrelated felony warrants.

The second search warrant was executed at 210 Scioto Ave. at approximately 6:30PM. Officers found Heroin, numerous items of drug paraphernalia, and cash inside of the residence. Upon entering the residence Officers found that there were Read more »

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