Crossing RR trestle is illegal

Crossing a railroad trestle, is illegal and extremely dangerous. It can take a train miles to stop, so of you are in the middle of the trestle, it may be too late.
If we observe someone on the tracks or trestle, we generally call the RR and have any trains stop. This causes a disruption in the trains schedule and causes inconvenience to those at RR crossings.
Being on the trestle or on property owned by the railroad is trespassing. Trespassing is a jail able offense.


On this date, 11-22-11, the same female had been to three more businesses. Each time getting access behind the counter and to a cash register. At one Subway location, the female was able to get to a cash register and after gaining confidence of the employees, was able to take cash from it. The female attempted to get into a register at another restaurant, but was unable to.
Using video surveillance from one of the stores, Ofcs. were able to ID the female, and an arrest warrant will be sought. Businesses should advise ALL employees to be on the lookout for this woman, and report her if she comes into the business. This time of year often brings out more confidence artists, so please be wary. Please call the Chillicothe Police Department if this female shows up.

Business Scam Alert

The Chillicothe Police is currently investigating an incident where a person, posing as a Health Department employee, gained access to a local business.
The female had identified herself as a Health Department inspector to employees at Dairy Queen on E. Main St. The female was able to get into the office and allegedly stole cash money.
The Health Department confirmed they had no inspectors at that restaurant. The suspect is a 5’3″ female, and left in a red car with passenger side damage.
This person has already been identified, and a warrant will be requested for her arrest.

Daylight Savings time

Daylight saving time ends tonight, so that means you need to set your clocks back at 2:00AM. This is a great time to change batteries on your smoke detectors AND Carbon Monoxide detectors as well. Not to mention a visual (expiration date and lights) and audio inspection as well.

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