Endangered runaway juvenile from Greenfield.

Britni Mess, 17 years old, is a runaway from Greenfield, Oh.  She was last seen Thursday 12-27-12.  Her family believes she ismess en route to Indiana with a man she met over the internet.  At this point, no foul play is suspected.  I have not been provided with the man’s name, and there is no vehicle description.   If you know the whereabouts of Ms. Mess, contact the Greenfield PD, 937-981-7777.   Or, contact the local Law Enforcement  agency where she may be at.    If she can be contacted by a friend or relative, please have her call her family.


Cold weather can be dangerous to dogs

We have posted about the dangers of heat on dogs, but what about cold weather? Here are some common sense tips to keep your dog, or other animals safe. For the entire web article, go here:www.canismajor.com

Outdoor Housing

Q: My dog lives outside most of the time. I’ve been told that dogs can stay warm easier than people. Is that true? Do I need to do anything special to make him comfortable in the winter?

A: Although dogs do maintain a normal body temperature that’s a couple of degrees higher than a human’s temperature, we still have to give them some help to stay warm in cold weather.

Start with a small, cozy, insulated dog house. Bigger is not better! The house needs to be small to trap and hold your dog’s body heat which will help keep him warm through the night. It should be just large enough for your dog to stand up, turn around and lie down in comfortably. The house can be homemade but new

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Dont Let Christmas trash be a shopping list for criminals

As gift giving winds down, what should you do with those boxes for flat screens, computers and game consoles? By setting these empty boxes out for the garbage collector, it may let burglars know what new gadgets you received.
Other than breaking down the boxes and properly putting them into a trash can, recycling is an option as well.
Rumpke offers drop off bins located throughout Ross County. Rumpke recycling info
By recycling, this reduces landfill waste. Reduction in landfill waste is good for the environment as well as reducing the cost of the disposal of garbage to the city.
Attached is a link for the green and yellow Paper Retriever bins located in Ross county. They ask not to place wrapping paper into the bins. The inks and paper grade are not desirable for recycling. Paper Retriever FAQ
Sometimes the city offers free Christmas Tree recycling. Monitor local media for info on this program. City garbage crews do not pick up tvs, electronics or appliances. There are a few places in the area that will take these items.
Remember, placing carpet, electronics and other non-recyclable materials outside of these bins could constitute a littering violation.


Break in at Gamesmart Shawnee Square video and pics

On 12-18-12, masked person broke into this business and several games were taken. As of right now 20121220-201557.jpg

these are the best still pictures and video provided to us.
Take the note of the “Navy” sweat pants on one person and the other person has a distinct pattern on their shirt.
Anyone having information on this can contact Ofc. M. Shipley at 740-773-1191 and refer to report 12-24783. Anonymous tips can be made to Southern Ohio Crimestoppers at 740-773-TIPS or by submitting a tip online at southern Ohio Crimestoppers to submit a tip online.
Tips leading to an arrest could result in a cash reward through Crimestoppers.20121220-201543.jpg

Road closed due to house fire

Main and Walnut Sts. Are closed due to house fire. Avoid all roads to this area.

Shop with a Cop 2012

Underprivileged kids got to go shopping with local police officers and sheriff deputies.  Each child got $150 a piece to spend at Wal-Mart.   This has been an ongoing event that Wal-Mart, Children’s Services and local law Enforcement have participated in for many years.  Contributions from various local  sources fund the event.

Strange lights in the sky?

For those concerned with the strange lights in the sky.


Some Old Pics recently posted on our FB page

If you aren’t a friend of ours on FB, here is the link, Facebook.com/Chillicothepd
FB is sometimes easier to post to, and get info out quickly. But for now, it cant be a replacement for a webpage.
Here are some pics I have posted on FB over the past few weeks. All submitted by FB relatives of former police officers. We are also on twitter @chillipolice

Chillicothe Transit/Ross DD Bus drivers hosting toy/food drive

Chillicothe Transit & Ross Co. Board of DD are hosting “FILL THE BUS-FOOD & TOY COLLECTION” on Saturday, December 15th from 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. at Chillicothe Transit, 575 E. 7th St.

Also collecting firewood for Ross County residents.

Anyone needing help this holiday season, sign up at Chillicothe Transit or call Melissa Givens at 773-1569, ext. 102 or Tabitha Muse at 773-1569.

ID sought in theft of tools from Sears

Please help ID the 3 suspects in this theft of tools fromSears. This occurred on 12-13-12 at 12:30PM. Anyone with information can contact Ofc. Morris and refer to report 12-24451.

Anonymous tips can be made to Southern Ohio Crimestoppers at 740-773-TIPS or by submitting a tip online at southern Ohio Crimestoppers to submit a tip online.
Tips leading to an arrest could result in a cash reward through Crimestoppers.



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