The following is a small list of some of the questions the public will call and ask. Most have a link attached to them. Im hoping to add some download able forms in the near future.
Frequently asked questions:

1. How do I post bond/visit/ leave money for someone/or find out if someone is in the Ross Co. Jail?

The Chillicothe Police Department contracts with the Ross County Sheriff’s Department for the housing of adult prisoners. Questions about bond, visiting hours and all other pertinent questions dealing with adult prisoners should be forwarded to the Sheriff’s Office at 740-773-1187, or by going to the 24 hour bail bonding door. www.rosssheriff.com/jail.html

All Juveniles are housed at the Juvenile Detention Center.

2. How can I get a copy of a police report and photographs?

Our records department is open Mon-Fri. 8AM to 4PM, and is closed on major holidays. A fee may be required for copies. Please contact the records department during business hours at 740-773-1195.

3. Where do I pay a fine or find out the status of a court case?

This depends on whether the case was heard in Common Pleas (felonies) or Municipal Court (misdemeanors & parking).
co.ross.oh.us/ClerkOfCourts/ (Common Pleas)

4. Do I have a warrant?

The Chillicothe Police Dept. does not give warrant information over the phone. A status of a warrant may be found on the appropriate court website. If you think you have a warrant, you need to come to the Law Complex and speak to an officer or deputy. If you know the whereabouts of someone with a warrant, you may call the department and provide the dispatcher with the person’s full name and exact address where they can be found.

5. Who do I call to file a nuisance complaint?

The Nuisance Officer, Ron Cutright, enforces property code violations. These violations include trash/garbage, junk, tall weeds and grass as well as unlicensed and inoperative vehicles. All property code violations should be reported to the Mayors Office, 774-1185 or Safety Directors Office at 773-2700. Ron generally works Monday thru Wednesday 7A-3P, and can be contacted at 773-1191.

The Nuisance Officer has no jurisdiction over building complaints such as siding, roofing, broken windows and like complaints . These complaints should be forwarded to the City Engineers Office.

6. Where do I get fingerprints and background checks?

All civilian fingerprint checks are performed by the Ross Co. Sheriff’s Office.

Police Department background checks are performed at the Police Department records window.

Sheriff Department background checks are done on the second floor.

7. When will the Dog Warden come out?

The Ross Co. Dog Warden works Mon-Friday from 8A-4P. The dog warden will come out after hours only if a dog is aggressive or injured and the owner cannot be located.

8. What activities are going on in the City Park? How can I reserve a Shelter House?

The City Of Chillicothe Parks and Recreation Department can be reached at 740-772-5626

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