Police execute search warrants

The Chillicothe Police Department Emergency Response Team executed two (2) drug search warrants on the evening of March 2, 2011.

The first search warrant was executed at 237 Fairway Ave. Apt. #2 at 3:57PM. Officers found numerous items of drug paraphernalia and cash inside of the residence. Arrested was the resident, James Williams, on charges of drug paraphernalia. Also arrested inside of the residence were Melissa Horn and Victor Blake on unrelated felony warrants.

The second search warrant was executed at 210 Scioto Ave. at approximately 6:30PM. Officers found Heroin, numerous items of drug paraphernalia, and cash inside of the residence. Upon entering the residence Officers found that there were 2 small children, ages four (4) and seven (7) inside of the home. The conditions inside of the home were deplorable and unsuitable for the children to live in. Ross County Job and Family Services, Children Services, were called to the residence and the children were removed from the home. A dependency hearing will be held today to determine custody of the children. Arrested was the resident, Nicole Graves, on drug charges. Also arrested was the children’s mother, Brittany Graves on charges of endangering children.

While the Emergency Response Team was executing the search warrant at 210 Scioto Ave., one of the subjects they were looking for in the search warrant, Shawn Bivens, was contacted by Officer Michael Short on Lillie St. The attached report gives the details of Officer Short’s contact with Shawn Bivens. Because of the proactive patrol of the Chillicothe Police Departments Patrol Division and the assistance of concerned citizens in the Lillie St. area, Officers were able to search the residence at 545 Lillie St. Officers found approximately 40 grams of crack cocaine, numerous items of drug paraphernalia, and a large sum of cash inside of the residence as well as on subjects who were at the residence. Arrested were Shawn Bivens, the resident, Tonya Houston, and Reyes Martinez. Through the course of the investigation it was found that Reyes Martinez had been released on bond on an unrelated charge of aggravated trafficking in drugs. The Ross County Prosecutor’s Office will be asking that this bond is revoked and Reyes Martinez held in the Ross County Jail.

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