CPD investigating Breaking and Enterings and burglaries

The Chillicothe Police Department is investigating five (5) breaking and entering complaints that were reported in the early morning hours of September 11, 2011.
The first was when a Chillicothe Police Officer found the rear door at Kitchen Collection, 202 Chillicothe Mall pried open and the audible alarm to this business sounding. This was found at 3:20AM. At this time it is unknown what, if anything was actually missing from the business.
The second was found at 3:43AM when an officer was responding to the alarm sounding at Dunham’s Sports, 110 Consumer Center. The Officer arrived and found a front window to the business busted out. A Sentry Sports .223 assault rifle was found missing from the business along with other items.
The third was found at 5:44AM when an officer responded to the alarm sounding at Smoker Friendly, 668 Central Center. The officer arrived and found the front door to the business was busted out. It is unknown at this time if anything is missing from the business.
The fourth was reported at 8:16AM when the rear door at Dairy Dream Carry Out, 486 S. Paint St was found pried open. Numerous cartons of Marlboro cigarettes were missing from the business along with other items.
The final burglary was reported at 8:42AM at the residence at 566 N High St. Missing from the residence was a High Point .380 hand gun and numerous other items. Although reported at this time this burglary is actually believed to have happened sometime on September 10, 2011.
Many of the businesses did have video surveillance, which is currently being reviewed for any potential evidentiary value. These videos may be available for release to the public after being reviewed by the Chillicothe Police Department.
At this time, it is unknown if any of these incidents are related as each of the investigations are ongoing. Additional information will be released as it comes available.

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