Communications and Records


The Communications Division is operated by 3 civillian dispatchers. Each dispatcher is assigned to a rotating shift. When the dispatcher is on dispatchdays off, the position is filled by a police officer. The communications operators dispatch all emergency and non-emergency calls for the city of Chillicothe Police. Our dispatchers are the primary call takers for 911 calls from land line based phones inside the city limits of Chillicothe. If a fire or medical emergency exists, the dispatcher must transfer you to the Chillicothe Fire Department. When calling 911, please tell the dispatcher you need Fire or Medical, so they can transfer you without delay.
All calls coming from cell phones and cable or Internet based lines or numbers are switched to the Ross Co. Sheriff’s Office by default. When calling for the City of Chillicothe Police or City Fire from one of these types of lines, please tell the Sheriff Dispatcher that you need the city of Chillicothe 911 operator. Then tell that operator if you need police, fire or medical.

Records Division:

The records division is operated by two civilian clerks.

Our records department is open Mon-Fri. 8AM to 4PM, and is closed on major holidays. A fee may be required for copies of incident reports, traffic accidents, etc. Please contact the records department during business hours at 740-773-1195. Keep in mind, it may take more than one day to approve an incident report or traffic crash, so you may want to call and find out if the report is ready to be released.

To request a copy of a police report or crash report via email, please email one of the following addresses: for clerk Emma Moore

or for clerk Mica Kinzer

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