New Scam in the area

From the desk of Crime Prevention Specialist, Ofc. Bud Lytle:
The Ross County Sheriff’s Office has been notified of a new “scam” going around our area. This is a phone scam in which the caller identifies themselves as being a part of the national Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). The caller accuses the victims of having bought prescription medications illegally from another country. They then tell the victim that for a certain amount of money, no charges will be filed against them. The calls we have asks the victim to send their money to the Dominican Republic.

We have notified the DEA and are currently working with them to identify those responsible for this scam.

Some more helpful information on common scams.

ID theft, on-line and e-scam fraud, telemarketing and check schemes are just a few of the emerging threats to your financial and personal safety. The following links are very helpful in protecting yourself against these threats.
FBI common schemes
FBI e-scams & warnings
internet schemes
Schemes against the elderly
File a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)

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