The Chillicothe Police Department, Ross Sheriff, Ohio State Patrol and Paint Valley ADAMH Board (click for their website)” are hosting a drug take back event this Saturday, 2-18-12 from 10AM thru
2:00PM. The event will be held at the Law Complex.
This is a good time to collect unused, unwanted medications from your home, a friend, or relative. Unused medications can fall into the hands of children or those that may want to abuse them.
It is not safe to flush large amounts of medication down the toilet or sink. Waste treatment plants cannot safely neutralize many drugs, and they could be sent back into the water system.
The Police department is often called, especially by landlords, to dispose/clean up large amounts of hypodermic needles found on their properties. A Sharps container and rubber gloves can be purchased at many drug stores and are used to safely dispose of needles.
If a needle or other drug instrument (pipe, we do not pick through the trash and fingerprint pipes)is found they should be first placed into a plastic container or other seal able container, such as a coffee can. They can safely be placed into a trash can, without fear a needle could cut through a bag and poke someone.

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