3 indicted,1 charged in West end burglary spree

The Chillicothe Police Department indicted 3 subjects, and an additional subject has been charged, in connection with multiple burglaries on the West side of Chillicothe. The burglaries occurred throughout the month of July and into August 2012. Jeremy D. Smith was indicted on one (1) count of burglary. Desean Fairrow was indicted on one (1) count of complicity to burglary. Jordan Stotridge was indicted on one (1) count of complicity to burglary. Joshua Honaker has been charged, through Chillicothe Municipal Court, on one (1) felony count of receiving stolen property.

These subjects have been linked to multiple burglaries. Additional charges are pending further investigation by the Chillicothe Police Department and future indictments are expected. There are also charges expected against additional suspects, regarding the property related to these crimes.

Jeremy D. Smith

Desean Fairrow
Complicity to burglary

Jordan Stotridge
Complicity to burglary

Joshua Honaker
Receiving stolen property


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