Meth Labs and property owners

Manufacturing Methamphetamine can be a volatile endeavor. And leaves behind toxic and explosive residues. If Law Enforcement discovers the Meth Lab, the chemicals and equipment used will be neutralized and removed. However, the toxic residues left behind can have devastating effects on the structure and electrical systems of the residence.
It is now the homeowner or Landlords responsibility to safely clean up the property. Homeowners and landlords could be held liable civilly for failure to clean up these toxic properties. EPA Voluntary Meth cleanup guidelines
As a landlord, how can I tell if my property is being used to manufacture meth? There are many different types of meth labs. From small “one-Pot” labs or more extensive ones. So , the attached website should only be used as a guide. ID a meth Lab
This is the link to the 10tv article regarding the recent Meth Raid on Western Ave. The video shows how crews have to take precautions to neutralize the substances. 10tv article

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