Dont Let Christmas trash be a shopping list for criminals

As gift giving winds down, what should you do with those boxes for flat screens, computers and game consoles? By setting these empty boxes out for the garbage collector, it may let burglars know what new gadgets you received.
Other than breaking down the boxes and properly putting them into a trash can, recycling is an option as well.
Rumpke offers drop off bins located throughout Ross County. Rumpke recycling info
By recycling, this reduces landfill waste. Reduction in landfill waste is good for the environment as well as reducing the cost of the disposal of garbage to the city.
Attached is a link for the green and yellow Paper Retriever bins located in Ross county. They ask not to place wrapping paper into the bins. The inks and paper grade are not desirable for recycling. Paper Retriever FAQ
Sometimes the city offers free Christmas Tree recycling. Monitor local media for info on this program. City garbage crews do not pick up tvs, electronics or appliances. There are a few places in the area that will take these items.
Remember, placing carpet, electronics and other non-recyclable materials outside of these bins could constitute a littering violation.


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