Smash and Grab purse thief apprehended.

On 1-15-13, slightly before 4PM, a witness (Judy Conklin)observed a man running down the alley at the rear of Kear Realty,pthompson 29 S. Paint St. The witness found out that a customer’s car window had been broken out and the purse inside stolen. 911 was called, and Ms. Conklin chased the suspect through alleyways and down streets until spotting K9 officer Short, who had been dispatched to the area.
Ms. Conklin told the officer which way the suspect had ran, and gave a description. Ofc. Short, along with other Officers and Detectives located the suspect on E. Second St., near the Majestic Theater. He was identified as Patrick Thompson. Mr. Thompson admitted to being involved in the theft and told officers where he had disposed of the purse.
The Detective Bureau had implicated Mr. Thompson in recent thefts from locker rooms at OU-C earlier this week. Mr. Thompson was arrested and charged with Criminal Mischief, Grand Theft (due to the contents of the purse). Numerous theft charges from the OU-C incident are pending as well.
At this time, Mr. Thompson has denied any involvement in the other thefts from vehicles that have been occurring. They are still under investigation.
We would like to thank Ms. Conklin for her assistance in being a good witness.

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