Active Shooter training

During the last week oOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAf February 2013, the Chillicothe Police Dept. held mandatory department wide training that focused on dealing with an Active Shooter. This course provided valuable training for the Department. It was created in response to incidents such as the Columbine High School shootings where Police Departments were dependent on special tactic teams to handle these violent situations.

Columbine demonstrated a need for a more reactive first response instead of just containing the building, and waiting for Tactical Teams to arrive.
This training method taught officers how to search a building quickly to seek out the perpetrator and secure the scene. Four man teams from the Chillicothe Police Department were used in the searches. An Active Shooter in a school, office building or factory would have first responders from all over the county respond. The program is based on a statewide model, that allows different agencies to integrate with other agencies to go directly to the threat.

This is the fourth year the program has been held with the CPD. The current revised course (classroom and scenarios) was instructed in house by members of the Chillicothe PD Special Response Team. Team members and axillary officers acted as aggressors and hostages. The training was held in the City Park Armory. This facility closely resembles how a school would be set up. To make training as realistic as possible, Simunition’s were used. This allowed Ofcs. to utilize their duty weapons in near realistic scenarios.


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