New bikes for bike patrol

Bike patrol is often considered a great community policing tool. Cops on bikes, giving kids stickers, shaking hands and real face to face time with the community . It is a more personal approach, and strips away the barrier of an intimidating police cruiser. It is Eco-friendly.oldbike
But, it is also a great crime fighting tool. Stealth, speed, and accessibility to places a cruiser would never think of getting into. A bike can lurk in the shadows, silent. Policemag article

The patrol division has recently been tasked with revamping the bike patrol unit. Mainly to combat the burglaries and drug activity, but also to handle citizen complaints of vandalism, drugs and other criminal activity in the park and flood wall areas.

Bike patrol requires at least 2 officers minimum, for safety. With low manpower, riding with this minimum is difficult. Utilizing a strong auxiliary officer program, a regular police officer is sometime teamed up with an auxiliary officer to meet that requirement.
The first step was the nearly 20 year old bikes. Heavy, uncomfortable, outdated and virtually held together by tape. Brakes? we dont need no brakes. Ofc. Micah Shanks took the initiative and reached out to several local churches. These churches saw the opportunity to give to the community, and they committed to purchase and donate police bikes.
Ofc. Shanks thnew bikeen contacted Rivers Bend Bike Shop 94 W. Water St. 4 KHS Police Mountain Bikes were ordered. Top of the line, down to the police decals and saddlebags.
To these organizations and local business, we are grateful and appreciate their commitment to the community.

We are currently working on replacing the old, hodge podge mix of bike uniforms. One standard uniform will make the unit look more professional, and with the right gear, more comfortable in hot and cold weather.
The last step is to send more officers to a bike patrol school. These schools teach bike officers how to avoid crashes, clear obstacles dismounting quickly and patrol procedures.
We hope to continue this program, through inclement weather,and into the next year. Building and improving the unit along the way.

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