Knock and talk yields drugs and wanted persons

On 1-2-17, officers assigned to the CPD Narcotics unit performed a knock and talk at 1135 E. Main ST, America’s Best Value Inn, room #83.  The officers had been looking for a wanted person, Trevor Stoops.   The officers observed his car at the hotel. 

Officers knocked on the door and contacted Jessica Slone.  Ofcs. performed a warrant check on her, and warrants for her arrest were confirmed.  The officers also observed drug paraphernalia in plain sight.  While clearing the room, Mr. Stoops was found hiding in the bathroom. 

When Mr. Stoops was being searched incident to arrest, Officers located drugs on his person.  Ofcs. Also performed a consent search of the room, and located more drug paraphernalia. 

Drugs seized: 3oz. of Methamphetamine; 1 gr. Black tar heroin; 50 miscellaneous pills.  Cash and additional drug paraphernalia were also seized.

Stoops and Slone were transported to the Ross Co. Jail for their outstanding warrants.  All drugs in this matter will be sent to the crime lab for testing.  

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