Active Shooter: Direct to threat training

In September 2009, the Ohio State Patrol presented Active Shooter: Direct to threat training at the former Smith Middle School in Chillicothe. quad7This course provided valuable training for the OSP, as well as the Chillicothe Police Department. The course was created in response to incidents such as Columbine High School shootings where Police Departments were dependent on special tactic teams to handle these violent situations. Columbine demonstrated a need for a more reactive first response instead of just containing the building.
This training method taught officers how to search a building quickly to seek out the perpetrator and secure the scene. Combined four man teams from the OSP and Chillicothe Police Department were used in the searches. An Active Shooter in a school, office building or factory would have first responders from all over the county respond. It was important they train together to ensure these first responders could confront the situation as a team, and being able to know what each other were doing.

The training was instructed by the OSP Special Response Team, who also acted as the “aggressors.” Administrators and teachers also participated as innocent bystanders in the rooms. Officers used former duty weapons turned into Simunition weapons, firing paint balls and increasing the realism of the training.
Direct to threat

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