Do you Twitter?

Do you twitter? Twitter is generally recognized as a popular social networking tool. But, Law Enforcement agencies all over the US are using Twitter to keep their communities aware of current events, emergencies, etc.
From a Police viewpoint, Twitter is best used with your cell phone. If an emergency or other event exists that needs to be given to the community without delay, you would be able to receive it via text message. For example: a large crash has traffic backed up on Western @ Plyleys Ln. A quick text could let the public know, and avoid being stuck in a traffic jam. Another example would be a change in snow emergency levels.
At the side of this web page is a “follow me” tab. click and follow. it’s that easy.
Twitter is free and can be downloaded at www
Please note that not all events will be transmitted as they occur. Those

following should not rely on this service for emergency notification at all times. Followers should still monitor local radio and other media outlets.
We are testing this for now. If it catches on, it could be expanded.

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