Sgt. Short and K-9 Koby


 K9 Koby

K9 Ofc. Micheal Short and his partner K9 Koby were certified through the Trainer Course and Handler Course at Gold Shield Canine in Columbus, OH in early 2012. This K9 Team is Certified through OPOTA and is part of the Chillicothe Police Swat Team. K9 Koby is a trained Dual Purpose Dutch Shepherd born in the Netherlands. This K9 Team has located Evidence, Suspects, and Narcotics while on Patrol.

The mission of the canine unit is to provide a trained canine that can be deployed whenever needed to fulfill a mission to safeguard the community and its officers. Additionally, to provide a clear deterrent to resistive suspects intent on assault, evasion or escape.

The training of the handler team include, but is not limited to, the following skills:

1) Tracking

2) Building Search

3) Field Search

4) Handler Protection

5) Physical Apprehension

6) Narcotics Detection

Standards of performance are in compliance with North American Police Work Dog Association and OPOTA Standards



The Chillicothe Police Department K9 Units are supported by  Petland,  Northfork Animal Clinic and Little Blessings, inc.

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