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Search Warrant served

On April 1 at approximately 6:00AM the Chillicothe Police Department Special Response Team and Marka RetherfordDetectives executed a search warrant at 466 E Water Street. Cocaine, drug paraphernalia, and cash were found inside of the residence. Detectives contacted the resident, Marka Retherford, and her 6 year old child. Retherford was arrested and Ross County Job and Family Services, Child Services Division, was contacted in regards to her child. The child was released into the custody of a family member.

Search warrant served


On March 19, 2013 at approx. 5pm Officers from the Special Response Team and Detectives served a search warrant at 322 Church St.  Detectives located a large amount of cocaine, heroin, drug paraphernalia and cash.  Arrested were the occupants, Alyssa Hines and Timeesha Harding, who were taken to the Ross County Jail pending their appearance in Chillicothe Municipal Court.  Evidence seized will be taken to BCI and additional charges will be presented to the Ross County Grand Jury.

Timeesha Harding Possession of heroin & cocaine

Timeesha Harding
Possession of heroin & cocaine

Alyssa Hines Possession of cocaine

Alyssa Hines
Possession of cocaine

Search warrant served

The Chillicothe Police Department Special Response Team and Detectives served a drug search warrant at approximately 5:00PM on August 1, 2012. The search warrant was served at 90 N Rose St where cocaine, drug paraphernalia and cash was located inside of the residence. Arrested were the resident Veronica Roberts and Sidney B. Wilson from Columbus, Ohio.

The Chillicothe Police Department encourages citizens to report any suspected drug activity to Southern Ohio Crime Stoppers at (704) 773-TIPS or online at southern Ohio crime stoppers. Suspected drug activity can also be reported to

Sidney Wilson:charged with possession of cocaine and tampering with evidence


Veronica Roberts: charged with possession of cocaine and an unrelated warrant.


Marijuana and cocaine seized

On April 18, 2012 at approx. 1:30pm Detectives from the Chillicothe Police Department went to 730 E. Water St. in response to complaints of possible drug activity taking place there. Detectives contacted the resident, Ervin Howard Jr., who gave them consent to search his residence for illegal drugs. Detectives observed grow lights in the basement of the house and could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the garage. Mr. Howard at that time requested that Detectives stop searching his property. Mr. Howard was then detained on the front porch of the residence while the Detectives obtained a search warrant. While waiting for the warrant Mr. Howard ran inside the house with Officers in pursuit refusing to listen to orders. He ran into the kitchen where he attempted to reach for a basket. He was then taken to the floor and secured in handcuffs after resisting arrest. After the warrant was obtained and signed by the judge Officers located cocaine inside the basket that Mr. Howard was attempting to grab. In a basement room under the garage Detectives located a very sophisticated marijuana grow operation. There were a total of 52 marijuana plants seized with an estimated street value of $52,000 and an estimated $8,000 worth of equipment used to grow the marijuana.

Mr. Howard was taken to the Ross County Jail where he was held on charges of possession of cocaine, obstructing official business and resisting arrest. Evidence will be sent to BCI&I and additional charges will be filed by the Ross County Prosecutor’s Office.


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